スティーブ & ペギー・キテルソン
Steve an Peggy Kittelson

" Reflections before nightfall "


本体素材 / ステンドガラス
台座 / 木材


オイルセル。二つの交換用セル付き。 マグネットで簡単に着脱できる。



【 Description 】
In the late nineties, Cozy Baker took me and Sherry Moser to see an exhibit of kimonos at the Museum of Natural History.  To this day, I have not been able to find the words to adequately describe the feelings that overwhelmed me that moment when we first saw the display of the "Landscape Kimonos".  I was so moved that I didn't want to leave and the memories of what I saw and how I felt have never left me and even now I get very emotional just thinking of it. 
As Itchiku Kubota dreamed of mastering the techniques to create these beautiful masterpieces, I have been dreaming of paying homage to them by creating them in our medium, glass. 
This is the first of the series of Landscape Kimonos, and we are calling it, "ReflectionsBefore Nightfall".

【 Material 】
Kaleidoscope body / Stained glass
Base / Iowa blace walnut

【 Mirror System 】
2 mirror 7point

【 Object case 】
Oil filled cell with 2 interchangeable cells.
Easily detach and attach the cell with magnet.

【 External features 】
We used dichroic glass for the "fabric" of the kimono which has the sheen of silk and used several different textures of dichroic glass to represent the landscape.
The wooden stand was designed to look like a Kimono rack.

【 Dimension 】
Height / cm , Width / cm , Depth / cm