Marshall Fisher

" Blue Ridge Misty Mountains "

限定制作 5点
limited edition of 5


本体素材 / ステンドガラス



・ アクリルとウォルナット材で 加工されたセルホルダー付きの台。

本体 : 高さ9.5cm 長さ23cm 奥行6.4cm
ケース : 高さ12.7cm 長さ28cm 奥行20.3cm

【 Description 】
The scope represents the views we enjoy from our home in North Carolina's Blue Ridge Mountains. Its shades of blue and gray and the rolling foggy clouds in the
valleys remind me of our quiet mountains and the peaceful isolation and natural beauty that we live in. At the same time, I wanted to highlight the physical differences but similarity of spirit and dignity between our green, rolling, geologically older mountains and the spectacular volcanic mountains of Japan.

【 Material 】
Kaleidoscope body / glass
Case / Wood

【 Mirror System 】
3 mirror 30-60-90 degree mirror system

【 Object case 】
4 interchangeable object cases : a dry thumbling cell and three fluid-filled cells containing frameworked glass objects, beads, wire, dichrioc glass, millifiori, silk fabric, marbles, and fragments of gold leaf.

【 External features 】
The scoep body is made of fused glass with an acrylic and walnut base and cell holder. The scope and its cells come in a custom storage and display case made of
spalted maple and walnut grown locally in North Carolina

【 Dimension 】
Scope : Height / 9.5cm , Width / 6.4cm , Length / 23cm
Case: Height/12.7cm,  Width/ 20.3cm, Length / 28cm